Professor Alexis Jay Addresses the General Synod

Professor Jay Outlines Urgent Need for Independent Safeguarding

Professor Alexis Jay CBE, author of the Future of Church Safeguarding report shared a video message with the General Synod on Saturday, 24 February 2024, at the start of its session on safeguarding. 

In this video, Professor Jay summarised her key conclusions and recommendations. Citing the urgent need to rebuild trust, accountability and relations with abuse survivors, she called for the Church of England to implement independent oversight through the creation of two new safeguarding charities – one to deliver operational safeguarding and the second to provide scrutiny and oversight. 

In the interest of transparency, her video is available to watch here.

Her report also recommends the General Synod passes a Measure requiring the Church to refer all safeguarding matters to these independent bodies and to implement all the decisions of these bodies.