Update from the Future of Church Safeguarding Programme on ongoing reviews within the Church of England

The Future of Church Safeguarding Programme (the Programme) is aware that there are ongoing reviews – those awaiting a response and/or outcome – which were previously being managed by the Independent Safeguarding Board. 

We understand that the lack of progress in respect of these reviews will be distressing for those involved and therefore we support the need for clarity from the Church of England on how they will be managed going forward. 

Ongoing reviews are outside of the Terms of Reference for this Programme. Professor Alexis Jay and John O’Brien have discussed ongoing reviews with The Archbishop of York. The Archbishop of York assured the Programme that the Church of England is urgently looking at how to continue these reviews. We hope that a solution is found as soon as possible. 

The Programme will continue to proceed to fulfill its Terms of Reference as agreed with The Archbishops of Canterbury and York on behalf of The Archbishops’ Council. The terms of reference are to:

  • provide options and recommendations for how a new independent safeguarding and scrutiny body might be formed and how it should operate;
  • make any recommendations for how further independence of safeguarding might be achieved; and,
  • make any other recommendations that are necessary or appropriate.

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